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What Kind of Coach Am I?

Are You a Life, Personal, or Executive Coach?


As a professional coach, I have the great privilege to coach individuals with diverse titles, roles and positions.  I coach both men and women across a wide range of industries and professions and am not limited by geography.  I have coached senior-level corporate executives, sales managers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, physicians, stay at home moms and dads, clergy, counselors, public speakers, consultants and more.  

I coach clients who are motivated, but may be stuck, stalled, or in a rut, and need some partnering.  Clients often engage in a coaching relationship for a specific purpose, but through the coaching process, they develop and strengthen their character, path and contribution.

While some coaches choose a specialized coaching niche, I am inspired by the diversity and unique potential of my clients. My clients are inspired by the opportunity to enliven.

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