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What Others Are Saying . . .

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with you my impression of  working with Beth Cory. There are certain leaders who create energy and raise the level of commitment within their organization and Beth is that leader.  Her approach was to be very clear as to what is expected, provide the training, tools and support required for success and to be relentless  about flawless execution.  This formula could be used by many people but the difference is the “Beth’ factor—she demonstrated an infectious energy through her involvement in all aspects of the business and her ability to connect across the group which meant that each person felt they had a  commitment to her personally as well as to the business.  Beth is the person that people aspire to be –a leader with great business acumen but a personality you want to have over for  Sunday night dinner with the family.  

Sally Vogel

VP Sales LexisNexis

Washington, D.C.



I have seen Beth Cory take strong leaders and turn them into great leaders.  The thing that makes her coaching so unique, is that she focuses on making sure they grow both personally – and professionally. In my opinion, this is key - you can’t do one…without the other!  Beth expects results, get’s result and usually becomes a life long mentor with most of her clients. She seems to have a gift for connecting with both individuals and teams.   Beth puts her audience at ease, somehow breaks through barriers – and then the transformations begin and the behavioral changes happen. It is a very unique gift indeed.

Angela Mitcham

Vice President & Hotel Manager

Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center


As I look back at my career so far, I often refer back to my time working for Beth as a significant moment in my development.  Much of the foundation of my leadership approach was developed under her mentorship.  There is no doubt in my mind that anyone that works with Beth and Enliven will look back on the experience with a similar view – it will be a meaningful part of your success

Tom Ogburn

General Manager

Dayton, Ohio


As I was transitioning from the military to a civilian job search in the Summer of 2010, I reached out to Beth Cory to help with my transition.  She was instrumental in leveraging her professional background, identifying my strengths and providing great resources and coaching.  She gave great advice, honest feedback and equipped me with the tools to turn my military leadership into an executive position with a Fortune 500 company. 

"Former Air Force Officer with 24 Years Service/Now Executive with Target"

John Romero



Austin, Texas


It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Beth Cory and her many talents in Coaching and Sales Training.  Beth's past experience leading a national sales team paired with her amazing ability to coach and teach give her the perfect combination of talents to be truly effective at what she does. 

Beth is currently helping me in my new role managing a sales team of former peers.  What I needed most from Beth was to help me enter that situation effectively while creating authority and trust immediately.  She helped me down that path without telling me what to do, but by leading me through my own thought process to come up with the best approach.  The results thus far have been tremendous.

Jim M.

VP Sales

Los Angeles, CA


I came to coaching because I was spinning my wheels, trying to get my goals accomplished.  Each year I was getting more frustrated as my list of goals grew but nothing was getting completed.  I read that some top notch CEOs use life coaches to accomplish their goals and keep them on track.  So I decided to give it a shot.  I am happy to say, my goals are getting crossed off as completed and I am starting my own business.  Personal, financial and physical aspects of my life are coming together in more powerful ways than ever before. 

Once you decide to get a life coach, the next hard thing you will do is to try and pick one.  I think Beth is one of the best in North Texas.  She has intricate knowledge that guides you through accomplishing your goals.  She is also your cheerleader and partner in the process.  She understands you and helps you master the path to getting what you truly want. 

Inga Shivers, RPh

Diabetic Educator/ Entrepreneur / Pharmacist

Baylor Hospital

Irving, TX


In just one day in the fall of 2010, Beth Cory enabled our team at SPM Communications to do just that. Our workshop, expertly led by Beth, provided our team with important insights to enhance collaboration, communication and praise. And it set me along a path of continued cultivation through professional and personal coaching.

I’ve been blessed to know Beth Cory for nearly ten years now. Years ago from the sidelines, I witnessed her positivity, strength and integrity.  Today, I’m inspired by her drive to combine an unyielding passion for people with her leadership and business savvy to cultivate richer lives for all who are privileged to work with her.  

Thanks again, Beth, for putting me on this enriching path!

Rebecca Wilkins

Account Director

SPM Communications

Dallas, TX


Over the past 20+ years of knowing Beth , I have had the privilege of first calling her colleague, and now fortunately, coach.  Beth has given me the support and guidance to look at new opportunities and leap at those opportunities (at times with a gentle push).  She has been and will continue to be a trusted advisor and friend for me.  Personally, I can not imagine not using Beth's skills and talents.

Tom Gardner

Business Consultant

Colleyville, Texas


I recommend that anyone interested in a program that will assist your team with communication and a process that will excite, ground, transform release the power of teamwork ....look into The Four Elements of Success by Laurie Beth Jones and for a coach to bring it all home . . . Beth Cory is terrific!

Kathy Condon

Sales Executive and Workshop Attendee

Alexandria, Va.

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