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Team Development

The Four Elements of Team Communication process is a dynamic and fluid experience for creating environments where people thrive, enjoy their work and one another.

Part of thriving and enjoying work is showing up in an atmosphere where both Strengths and Challenges are understood, valued and leveraged. The Four Elements of Success creates this kind of environment.

It creates a common language for building cohesive teams and growing relationships with one another. When individuals and teams are willing to understand each other and communicate “elementally”, you are on your way to seeing your team transformed and performance improved.

Does Your Team Need Enlivening through PEP?
  1. Are communications breakdowns costing your team time and money?
  2. Do members of your team exhibit a wide variety of personality traits?
  3. Is there conflict and disharmony among team players?
  4. Are people issues getting in the way of results?
  5. Could the work environment for employee engagement be improved?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, PEP is for you and your team. 

 The #1 challenge teams face is the inability to communicate well.  Of course, that impacts the team's ability to succeed without stress or frustration.  We have found that the Path Element Profile (PEP)* assessment and learning tools bridge the communication gap among team members, clients, friends, and family members - in short, everyone!

What is the PEP™ Assessment?

The PEP assessment uses the four universal elements (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire) to describe behavior and communication styles. So, when you think of the properties of the universal elements, you can easily relate them to describe the behavior and communication style of yourself and others.

PEP Essential Elements
Some Personality Style Descriptors

Steady, dependable, structured, focused, detail-oriented, slow-moving, organized, methodical

Quick-moving, changing, idea-generator, engaging, spontaneous, flexible

Easy-going, reflective, malleable, supportive, buoyant, team-oriented

Bold, assertive, risk-taker, decisive, action-oriented, visionary, results-oriented

PEP Up Your Team! By itself, the PEP assessment does provide an individual with greater self-awareness. Couple that with our 1/2-Day PEP Team Workshop and you will see amazing team transformations such as:

  • Better rapport among team members
  • More clarity and less ambiguity in meetings
  • More leveraging of team members' strengths and abilities
  • More positive and direct interactions and fewer conflicts
  • And more!

                                                                                                                                                *Copyright Laurie Beth Jones 

Interactive Team Development Program Includes:

  • Individual PEP assessment report
  • Workbook
  • PEP Team Matrix
  • Pocket Coaching Card
  • And More!


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