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Enlivened Leaders

Leading Enlivened Teams

I am passionate about the gift, responsibility and opportunity in leading others. Over 25 years ago, my father gave me my first Leadership book by Peter Druker, The Effective Executive.  A guiding principal was planted for me that day. I got that people truly wanted to be behind and apart of something and they wanted to be lead.

While there are thousands of excellent books on leadership, workshops to take and course to enroll in and even a degree in Leadership you can obtain, people are challenged with the position of leading others.

My Leadership Coaching is an opportunity to come along side you as a new or seasoned leader and stretch you to your next level of leadership, your next level of influence and your next lever of contribution.

This coaching program is meant to to have significant impact. Minimum engagement is 3 months with coaching sessions 3-4 a month.

Coaching Program:
Leveraging Your Leadership, by Growing the Leader Within

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